Civil Case Study 
18 Hole Golf Complex on a Greenfield Site, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire 
This project comprised of a main clubhouse building with ancillary practice range and maintenance facility buildings. To protect the development from future flooding events a two metre high plateau was constructed using the excavated heavy clay material from the new golf course lake bed. Due to the site’s remote location a self contained drainage scheme was adopted. Foul water was gravity fed in a small sewage treatment plant, which eventually discharged treated water into a drainage ditch running through the site. The surface water was gravity fed into a collection chamber and was then used for irrigation on the golf course. 
PRP Responsibilities 
Geotechnical Ground Investigation 
Plateau compaction specification & Quality Assurance Inspections during the construction. 
External works & Pavement Design. 
Foul & Surface Water Drainage 
Full Sub & Structural Design for all buildings including a concrete basement to the main clubhouse. 
18 Hole Golf Complex
18 Hole Golf Complex
18 Hole Golf Complex
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